Application-Aware Anomaly Detection of Sensor Measurements in Cyber-Physical Systems


Detection errors such as false alarms and undetected faults are inevitable in any practical anomaly detection system. These errors can create potentially significant problems in the underlying application. In particular, false alarms can result in performing unnecessary recovery actions while missed detections can result in failing to perform recovery which can lead to severe consequences. In this paper, we present an approach for application-aware anomaly detection (AAAD). Our approach takes an existing anomaly detector and configures it to minimize the impact of detection errors. The configuration of the detectors is chosen so that application performance in the presence of detection errors is as close as possible to the performance that could have been obtained if there were no detection errors. We evaluate our result using a case study of real-time control of traffic signals, and show that the approach outperforms significantly several baseline detectors.

Sensors, Vol. 18, No. 8, pp. 2448:1 - 2448:21 (July 2018)
5-Year Impact Factor: 3.014 (2017)
Aron Laszka
Aron Laszka
Assistant Professor